Project for Ukrainian jobseekers

Шукаєте роботу? Проект для тих, хто шукає роботу, кому виповнилося 18 років і тих, хто підпадає під Директиву ЄС про тимчасовий захист для біженців з України.

Care of Folkbildningen – Östra Grevie folkhögskola

What is it?

– A project for jobseekers over the age of 18 who are covered by the EU’s mass migration directive.


– The training takes place in our premises at Kopparbergsgatan 2 in central Malmö.


– That the participants approach the labor market by creating better conditions for looking for and obtaining work or starting studies.

– That the participants’ experience of social participation increases.


– The participants will receive training in the Swedish language corresponding to SFI to increase the possibilities of being able to start employment or studies.

– The participants will gain an increased knowledge of the Swedish labor market via workshops, lectures and study visits.

– The project is 20 hours per week. If necessary, you can receive a bus card to be able to participate in the project.


– The project  starts on February 13 and ends on August 11, 2023.


Applications are made to:

Description and results:

After the project, you should have strengthened your opportunities for work or studies by having better conditions and thus making a step towards self-sufficiency, through an increased network with both professional and social contacts. You should also have increased your ability to communicate in Swedish and have functional and relevant application documents, as well as have an increased knowledge of the possibilities of the Swedish education system.

The project consists of four sub-areas:

– Mapping

– Labor market in Sweden

– Language

– Social inclusion


▪ Within the Mapping area, an individual plan is created for the participant’s goals and sub-goals

as well as a possible way to reach them. Prior to this, a linguistic assessment and a

occupational and competence mapping.

▪ The area of ​​Labor market is carried out various information and

guidance initiatives around work and education in Sweden. The participants will

be trained in effective job search, alternative routes to work and hidden jobs.

Participants will also work with application documents and take part in

study visits and information meetings with employers. In some cases, practice can be one part of the project.

▪ In the area of ​​language, the participant will increase the knowledge and

skills in Swedish and there is also the possibility of testing validation of your

knowledge of Swedish to be able to complete parts of SFI. There is also the possibility to develop skills in English.

▪ Social inclusion includes a developed and better knowledge of the Swedish

society through social orientation, information with and about various authorities

and civil society as well as health promotion work.



Please contact Peter Ekstrand – Östra Grevie folkhögskola:



Project for Ukrainian jobseekers

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